Get the EDGE on your competition with 98.3The Bridge FM! 

Why advertise with 98.3 The Bridge FM?

Our station is a the only locally owned family friendly FM radio station in the Washington, Greenville, New Bern area. The Bridge FM knows the community, addresses the needs of its advertisers, and regardless of size of our clients, everyone is respected.

One of the TOP radio stations in this market, 98.3 The Bridge FM is the concerned, committed, community radio station and has gotten there through sensational service and by providing professional products.

Our uncluttered format of quality music to clearly targeted listeners allows your message to be heard by those likely to buy your products and utilize your services! As part of the Greenville, Washington, New Bern Market, 98.3 The Bridge FM delivers a regionally exclusive format. We are the only 24/7 Family Friendly format station in our area. 

Our audience is the most diverse in the market. Our family friendly format transcends gender, race, and ethnicity and the station enjoys a very loyal following.

WLGT - 98.3 The Bridge FM offers an excellent opportunity to accomplish your marketing objectives by advertising on the station with an uncluttered format and delivering listeners with expendable income who are likely to buy your products or services. Family Friendly listeners are far more likely than average:

  1. To purchase a wide variety of luxury goods including cars, clothing, computers, jewelry, electronics, etc;
  2. To participate in a variety of cultural and self-enriching activities such as attending live theatre, sporting events, live music, restaurants, etc.

We are the only radio station in the market that supports and encourages participation in the arts by consistently bringing national and international recording artists to the region each year and by promoting causes that impact the community and our youth, while introducing and exposing our youth to national and international musicians. We are firmly committed to arts education.

Our listeners are sophisticated, socially active consumers with expendable incomes. They listen daily in their cars, at home, at work, and thousands daily utilize our website and listen 24/7 from all over the world.

We are the station that reaches and influences business owners and decision makers, and is played in restaurants, industrial sites, car dealerships, banks, and other professional offices.

Our station's owner is readily available to give you the service you deserve from a local, independently owned station.  98.3 The Bridge FM is a locally owned FM radio station in our area. Advertise with us and you'll get the service you deserve and should expect!

Coverage Area

Coverage Area

98.3FM The Bridge covers Washington, Greenville, New Bern, and surrounding areas.